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Almien In A Nutshell

Almien is dedicated to improve access to health and wellness services around the world.

We offer an online platform where users looking for medical procedures, wellness retreats, beauty & personal care, as well as mindfulness and spiritual experiences, can find information and book the services they need to help them live their best and healthiest life.

We conduct due diligence and vet our partners and their services to find the most competent professionals worldwide.

Book Wellness Activities

Keep active daily by booking local cycling, yoga, Pilates or dance classes directly on the Almien App. You will also find detox treatments, healthy cooking courses, spirituality and mindfulness retreats both at home and abroad.


We make it easy to find local wellness activities that are also cost effective right in your local neighborhoods. You can track your progress, compete with other members and get rewarded for your efforts, with a free service in anyone of Almien’s sectors. The more Almien points you collect, the more free services and activities you get. The goal is to keep you motivated, but above all healthy.


Enhance your personal wellbeing through wellness retreats at home and aboard. These types of wellness retreats could range from a short weekend to a year, depending on your time and goals. For example, on Almien, you can book a seven-day spa healing retreat in Arizona, a five-day ayahuasca spiritual retreat in Costa Rica or a one-month silent retreat in India. We also offer dietary, fitness, weight loss and mindfulness retreats.

Our wellness properties, hotels and resorts partners provide the options for a complete package that includes transportation, lodging, food & beverage and activities & excursions directly on the Almien platform. You are also able to book experiences, track your achievements and history right on your own Almien profile.

Beauty & Personal Care

This is where we help our users take care of their outer beauty wellness. In Almien’s Beauty and Personal Care section you can book your hair salon or barbershop appointments, with your preferred stylist, directly on the platform. You can also make appointments for nail salons, massage centers, spas, makeovers and everything regarding beauty and personal care for women and men.



Haircuts and Hairdressing, Wash & Blow Dry, Full Head Color with Blow Dry, T-Section Highlights, Wet Haircuts, Deep Conditioning Steam Treatment, Braids, Clip Ins Hair and much more.

Hair Removal

Brazilian Waxing, Hollywood Waxing, Facial Hair Removal, Facial Threading, Laser Hair Removal. Virgin Brazilian Sugaring, Half Leg and Bikini Waxing, Men’s Waxing and Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal.


Deep Tissue Massage, Chinese Cupping Therapy, Acupuncture, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Oil Blending Massage, Hot Stone Massage and other massage treatments.


Pedicure, Manicure, Gel Polish Removal, Acrylic, Hard Gel & Nail Extensions, Shellac Manicure, Shape and Polish for Hands and Feet.


Glam Full Makeup, Day Makeup, Classic Facials, Definition Brows, Eyelash Perming, Eyelash Extensions, Strip Lashes, Facial Deep Cleansing, Facial Mask and Facial Acupuncture.


Body Wraps, Cryolipolysis, Cellulite Treatments, Clay Treatment, California Spray Tan, Body Exfoliation, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Back Cleansing, Mud Massage Therapy and Full Body Scrub among hundreds of other treatments.

Book Medical Procedures


Whether at home or abroad, we help you find the right doctors for your treatment or procedure and set up your initial consultations.

We connect our users to top international practitioners and provide our partners with the tools necessary to reach a global audience for their services.


On Almien you are able to book all types of medical consultations and procedures, including:

Breast Implants
Hair Loss Treatment
Laser Hair Removal
Cosmetic Dentistry
Teeth Whitening
IVF Procedures
Cancer Care

Lip Augmentation
Hair Transplant
Laser Skin Resurfacin
Dental Crown
Restorative Dentistry
Egg Freezing
Family Therapy
Weight Loss Surgery

Eyelid Surgery
Eyebrow Transplant
Wrinkle Treatment
Dental Bridge
Donor Egg IVF
Work Therapy

There are hundreds of other procedures you can book with accredited Almien practitioners worldwide.

We cover everything from booking the consultations, arranging your scheduled procedure and treatment to transportation, accommodations and meals. If you are traveling abroad for a procedure, you also have the option of a private driver and guided tours throughout your stay.

Travel Experiences

We consider travel as essential to learn and grow as human beings. Growth leads to a healthier state-of-mind, which inspires us to progress and ultimately culminate in a life well lived. However, we do travel adventures a little different at Almien.

Here, you will find travel experiences combined with health and wellness activities like a 12-day cycling retreat in Peru, an endurance event series in Australia or Muay Thai lessons in Thailand.

These unique travel experiences will push your limits and shape you physically, mentally and spiritually.

In our travel section, users can search by unique activities and experiences, specific destinations or level of difficulty. They can also contact our partners to create a tailored experience that could find them climbing the giant sequoias trees in California, or surfing off the coast of Essaouira, in Morocco.

You are able to book the whole experience from transportation, lodging, meals and excursions on Almien.

What's In A Name?

Almien means "To Good Health!"

Almien, meaning “To Good Health!” “To Good Fortune!” or “Cheers!”, is a toast used when celebrating an event or occasion. It comes from Quenya, a member of the Amanya branch of the Elvish language family invented by J.R.R. Tolkien. Quenya is used by the Elves in the Legendarium books, which is the background to Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” saga.

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